RapidOne Server


Rapsyx’ servers handle the share and backup functions of all RapidOne users across your organisation and act as the system’s gateway to public mail systems and internet portals.

All servers offer the same functionality, differentiating themselves in their capacity and the database technology that can used.



RapidOne Server Light

  • Freeware
  • Handles up to 25 usersites
  • Free proprietary database included
  • Requires Windows 2000 or more recent



RapidOne Server Professional

  • Relieve staff from unproductive administrative tasks
  • Avoid data loss
  • Facilitate hand-over of functions
  • Transparent for users
  • No expensive support required
  • Suitable for 50 up to 1.000 users
  • Runs on MSDE
  • Allows running on Microsoft SQL Server

For further details see our company website.