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Welcome to the Freeware site, supporting RapidOne Team Free. In this site you can find all you need to know on the concept of RapidOne, a preview of how it works, how to install it all in 15 minutes and answers on questions you may have once you're using it.



How to Teamwork using RapidOne
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Try our Quiz!

Question 1: HOW do you store all your documents, all mail, appointments, tasks and notes, of all your employees, of an entire organisation in ONE place?
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Question 2: WHY are all PCs in organisations full of privately held company data?
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Question 3: WHY are the single steps of activities stored and organised by different applications?
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Thinking Out of the In-Box

  • Is your In-box overflowing?
  • Do you spend hours moving mails into an endless folder tree?
  • Is your most recent version of that presentation on the other PC?
  • Would you like to share your documents "just like that"?
  • Hate making back-ups?
  • Do you lose documents because you don't remember what folder they are in?

If any of the above sounds familiar you need RapidOne Team in your organisation.

RapidOne Team provides a single application to handle communication, workplanning and resource sharing across your organisation with a highly innovative storage concept organising your data naturally