Getting Started

Step 1:
Install the Server! During the installation you will be asked to enter a password for the Power User. Remember the password you provided because you will need it shortly.


Step 2:
Install RapidOne Team (to download the setup file click here). RapidOne requires framework 1.1 to be present on your machine, if framework 1.1 is not found Setup will attempt to download it. If that fails then manually install framework 1.1 first.


Step 3:

Start RapidOne. The following screen appears:

Complete the screen as above using the IP address of the server (see Server installation) and the Password you selected during installation of the server.

The IP address should be entered using the format nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn, for example

The Port is typically set to 10101 at the server, but can be modified to your preference.


Step 4:

RapidOne will now download all necessary datafiles from the Server. This takes between 2 and 15 minutes depending on your system.


Step 5:

If this is a new installation and you are the power user, a wizard will appear to guide you through a number of settings and minimal data essential to the functioning of RapidOne.


Step 6:

You're done! The RapidOne main screen will appear. Refer to other sections of this site for tips on how to use RapidOne.