dot3 Getting Started
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RapidOne consists of 3 components which you will need to install:

  • RapidOne Server: the backbone keeping everyone in sync.
  • RapidOne Team: your personal application providing access to the Team Data Pool
  • RapidOne Mailex: the mail gateway enabling sending and receiving mail for all


Step 1: the RapidOne Server
For instructions to install the RapidOne Server click here.

Where: The server should ideally be installed on a seperate computer that is permanently on-line in order to allow all RapidOne Team clients (users with their own machines) to connect.

Why: The server will keep all RapidOne Team clients sychronised, i.e. when one user changes or adds something on his computer, the change or new file will be automatically distributed to all other users connected to the same RapidOne Server.

When: Install the RapidOne Server first!


Step 2: the RapidOne Team client
For instructions to install the RapidOne Team click here.

Where: Install one copy of RapidOne Team on each computer that you and the team intend to use. You can install multiple copies on different sites, for example one on your laptop, your home PC and office PC. Whatever you change or add in one "site" will automatically be synched to your other two sites, keeping them identical without any effort!

Why: each RapidOne Team client is your window to the combined Team Data Pool. But unlike web based applications, your data is still there and useful when not connected to the web!

When: First install and run the "Power User", the first user whose password was defined whilst installing the server. Then create new user accounts in that RapidOne Team installation, and install the other RapidOne Team clients.


Step 3: the RapidOne Mailex
For instructions to install the RapidOne Mailex click here. This is optional in case you wish to use the powerful mail integration feature of RapidOne!

Where: Ideally on a seperate computer, or together on the same computer where you have installed RapidOne Server. The computer should have access to the POP/SMTP mail server you normally use, i.e. check your Firewall settings!

Why: RapidOne Mailex is technically speaking a "mail proxy", meaning that it collects mail on your behalf even if you are actually off-line. The mail is then added to the Team Data Pool, kept on the RapidOne Server until you log on.

When: Install after installing the server, but before you and the team wants to start using the mail features of RapidOne Team.