dot1 Why use RapidOne Team?

RapidOne Team is a groupware that allows you and your team to collaborate easily, plan work and share all work related information: documents, activities, notes and mail.









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Task, Calls, Appointmens, Mail and Authorisations are all displayed in a single view, providing you a complete overview at a single glance.

With RapidOne you automatically share all activities and documents with other colleagues in the same view (only those that you have decided to share).

All completed activities, mail etc remain "on file" building a valuable historical trackrecord.

RapidOne Team allows you to drop files into the groupware sharing them with all other users without having to use clumsy network drives.

TreeXFiles and activities are stored in R1 using tags: placing each in context of one or several topics, relations, contacts etc - freeing the user of the limitations of the common tree-like filing structure.

RapidOne Team shares all contact and customer information within your organisation. With the CRM add-on you can also share offers, products and much more.

RapidOne allows you to have several identical locations: all info on your laptop, home computer, office computer etc will be synchronized automatically.

RapidOne Team Light FREEWARE is fully functional and can be used for up to 25 users.








Real collaboration across the team

  Manage Workflow  
  Sharing resources across the team easily  
  Spend less time managing data  
  Access data from anywhere  
  Works "out of the box"