dot4 Download Instructions


New installations: Download the setup files of the server, team and (optionally) mailex. Start by installing RapidOne Free Server, click here for instructions.

Upgrading existing installations: Your current installation must be using database Model 2.6.0 (see Help/About screen for your current DB version). Run the setup files and follow on screen instructions.



  Download RapidOne Components


Follow below link to download the latest version of RapidOne Components setup and patch files.


RapidOne Free Server 2.0.10

Click here to download the Setup file.


RapidOne Team Free 2.0.15

Click here to download the Setup file.


RapidOne Mailex 2.0.7

Click here to download the Setup file.


The application requires Framework 1.1 SP1 to run - Setup.exe will attempt to download this automatically if not yet present on your computer. See requirements for details.

If you wish to be automatically informed whenever new patches or versions are available, send an empty mail to



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