RapidOne Server
This vital component makes sure that all other components (all clients and the mail gateway) are synchronised. In simple terms, the RapidOne Server is a software that assures that all data is shared by all within limits of the agreed access authorities.

For the synchronisation to work, the server must be running and must be accessible by LAN or Internet from the computers hosting the clients.

Important: the Server Application is 'yours', meaning that you install it on one of your computers, and that all data is kept under your exclusive control.


RapidOne Client

The client is the piece of software installed on the user machine, quite similar to any mail program you may be familiar with. This application allows you to read mail, plan your work, store documents, maintain your addressbook, plan your agenda and so on, whilst sharing with all other users registered at the same server. You do not need to be on-line in order to use RapidOne Team, the system will synchronise in the background the moment you come back on-line.

Each client installation of RapidOne Team is personal, and requires identification in order to access. As a special bonus you can however have more than 1 site for yourself, for example one installed on your PC at home, one on your laptop and one in the office. The RapidOne Server will assure that all three contain identical information. In other words, if you save a presentation at home on your local installtion of RapidOne, it will also be available to you in the office and on your laptop shortly thereafter.


RapidOne Mailex

This component picks up and delivers mail on your behalf, even if you are not on-line, and keeps it ready for the next time you return on-line. RapidOne Mailex assures that only one copy of a mail is kept and shared by all your colleagues on cc. In this way you are sure that the mail is never lost and can be retrieved by all in the same manner.